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Perast and Kotor walking tour

Tour includes departure from Kotor ancient Venecian republic town, than we will visit one of the most beautiful baroc town Perast and its island. You wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world to see the eyes of Boka bay – two great islands in Perast that you can reach by boat in less than ten minutes boat ride "St Djordje" and "Lady of the rocks."  This is the unique magic of Perast along with the way it was built.



Seamen of Perast use to load the ships captured from their enemies with stones and sink them on a shoal. On the island formed in this way a small church was built on the place where, according to the legend, the icon of Virgin Mary was found floating at the surface of the sea. After that we will continue exploring Perast and its past by visiting main square with the church of St. Nicola's. From there we continue our walk tour along the coast inspired by architecture from 17th and 18th century. On our way back we will drive above the hill around Kotor to observe the part of the bay from peak of the hill Trojica. Viewing Kotor from the hill, with a little bit of imagination you can picture the port and ships as they were in the past. You can imagine the caravans descending the mountains towards the town.

In your imagination, you can go back to the Middle Ages, the time of prosperity for Kotor, when precious cargos used to arrive there, to be shipped further to distant ports of other empires and kingdoms. Some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals of Kotor date from this time, and almost all of them are built to the glory of certain saints who are the protectors of seamen.

Inspired by the beauty of the distant Kotor past our journey countinue with walking tour through Kotor where you will meet incrdible palaces, churches Saint Nicholas, Saint Luke's, listen the stories about elves who participate in construction of Kotor, Karampana fontain from 17th century, celebrity of Boka navy, traditions, carnevals.

Surly, Kotor is unrepeatable and one of the most beautiful architecture totalities at the Mediterranean. The harmony and monumental quality of its walls , gates, streets and squares as much as the lines of magnificient buildings dating from different epochs, and built in different styles, have made iz an exquiste part, not only of Mntenegro's , but also the world's cultural inheritance.

Kotor is set at the farthest end of the Gulf, among the foothill of steep and sky reaching Lovcen slopes. Approached by a boat it looks as it was belted with its walls to the craggy hill of St. Ivan.


The walls encircle the town and the hill up to the top. They are about 5 km long. They were built, added onto and fortified for over ten centuries – from 9th to the 19th. Byzantines started the work, Venitians and Austrians fortified them , adapting for defense against artillery.


The walls have three gates: The Gate of the Sea, The Gate of the Gurdic and The Gate of the River. The pretties and the largest square is the Square of Weapons. A little further on from this square lies unusually attractive and well known Cathedral of Kotor’s protector St Triphon. It is the greatest jewel and the true pride of Kotor, older than Notre-Dame in Paris, The Cathedral of the Dormition in Moscow, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and than Church St Paul in London. It exists 326 years before the discovery of America and 254 years before of arrival of Venitians in Kotor.




- Meeting at port exit, hotel, accommodation etc.

- Perast old town walking tour

- Visit to the island Our Lady of the Rock

- Kotor old town walking tour

- Trojica hill, panoramic view of Kotor bay



- Private guiding service ( English speaking or other language guide )

- Private comfortable transport ( car, van etc. ) 

- Tourist fees for Kotor old town

- Boat tickets for Our Lady of the Rock

- Museum tickets for Our Lady of the Rock



with car :

up to 4 persons 200 €

for van :

up to 8 persons 400 €


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