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About me


 I come from a family that has been living in Montenegro for centuries. My ancestors came originally from the village Njegusi, where the most important Montenegrin ruler was born. But with the beginning of World War II, my grandfather joined the partisans in 1941. After the War ended, he continued to be a solder in the ex-Yugoslav army and moved across the former Yugoslav republic cities. Our family moved to Kotor, in 1979, two years after my birth. That is why I consider myself as a citizen of the town that I love above all. Kotor is the city where I grew up, where I finished my studies and during this period I have witnessed its carnival days, Boka nights with the decorated navies that sail along the bay, when old Kotor walls are illuminated and when all inhabitants and quests are enjoying life. Due to the fact that I was living in the bay and according to the traditional way of life in Kotor, my first occupation was a seaman. While sailing on oceangoing merchant ships, I have visited many ports and countries.

I started to provide services as a private tour guide through the beauty of Montenegro in 2009. This is also the year when the big cruise ships have started to come to Boka bay. Before I have started my call as a private tour guide, I have worked for a taxi company, dealing with similar itineraries. But quite soon I have decided to open my own company and to offer the personalized tours tailored to the passenger’s preferences.

I love the history of my country, the unique natural beauty, the pride of the our people and preserved wonderful landscape. That is how I have decided to include in my tours - the most authentic spots that can be seen during the cruise stay in the port. It was important to inspire visitor’s senses and to feel traditional Montenegrin hospitality..

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