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Local tradition and events

Latin would say in Vino Veritas, Montenegrin people would say there is life in every wine drop. I deliberately started from wine story since wine and women were ever since best known brand of Montenegro. That is how famous Montenegrin hospitality started. You never enjoy good wine alone. With good wine and good food you open the road to endless friendship stories. Whether you choose red wine “Vranac” for profound thoughts it will inspire in you, or white “Krstac” or Montenegrin Chardonnay for romantic flavor it will wake in your veins, you simply can’t miss your moment.

Good company and good wineTraditional homemade food

Back in old times, true quest would never leave your home without giving you honor to enjoy traditional meal together with you as his host. Today, if you want to understand the soul of Montenegro, you must try the specialties of its national cuisine. The diversity of Montenegrin nature and its ethnographic diversity have left a trace on the national cuisine. Whether you are dining at your friend’s, in an authentic Montenegrin home, or in a restaurant, you will be cordially welcomed.
Maybe Montenegrin mountains are the best place to try some traditional dishes – kacamak with cheese, cream skimmed from wooden bowls in which milk is kept, sour cream milk from a wooden glass, hot homemade bread and cheese and special green cabbage, called rastan , with dried mutton that even pop singer Madonna found really delightful. Or you can try lamb baked under a bell!
It is said that the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic asked only for ”a piece of Njeguski cheese and for some prosciutto” (which Njegos during his life loved to eat), as a fee for the monumental mausoleum of Njegos on Lovcen mountain! The recipe for making the prosciutto, dried in clean mountain air that flows through the cottages for drying is a secret handed down from generation to generation. The authenticity of taste and aroma of the Njeguski prosciutto originates from the wood used for its smoking. In Montenegro, in Njegusi, you can enjoy the old Slavic drink – mead, after a good dinner, a piece of local cheese in oil is recommended!

In vino veritasLocal wine

You should use your visit to the Skadar Lake for a gastronomic pleasure – order a dried carp or bleak from the Skadar Lake, and one of the local quality wines – red "Vranac" or white "Krstac" that we mentioned at the beginning.
On the coast you will enjoy seafood specialties, prepared with olive oil and served with olives and wine. It is usually said for the famous San Pier, sea bass, and other small and big fish, crabs, clams and squids that they swim three times: the first time in the sea, the second time in oil and the third time in wine. Therefore, order authentic Montenegrin wines – white Krstac or red Vranac, and make a toast to yourself and your friends.
Montenegrin cuisine is characterized by its preserved originality: “rastan” or green cabbage cooked with mutton (kastradina), lamb prepared under the bell, crap from the Skadar lake prepared with plums, smoked crap or dried bleak in olive oil…
Gourmands are recommended to try “kacamak”, a thick maize porridge enriched with potatoes, homemade bread baked under a bell on coals or ashes, to taste the quality of yogurt, cream skimmed from wooden bowls and different types of cheese.

Montenegrin specialitiesRastan

Grape brandy as an aperitif is the excellent choice and for a complete gastrological experience, apart from local wine, a well-known Niksic beer is true refreshment.



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