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Did you know that Lord Byron and Bernard Shaw have been thrilled by the Montenegrin coast, members of royal families such as the English princesses Margaret and the former Italian king Umberto II of Savoy, Spanish princesses have visited it, famous film stars such as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Kirk Douglas, and the most beautiful women in the world, such as Doris Day, Claudia Schiffer, and Catherine Zeta Jones have strolled along its stone tiled streets. Please choose one of the tabs below to get more information on each tour that we offer.

Includes departure from Kotor ancient veniecian republic town to Perast, the oldest baroque town,
This tour will lead us to the oldest pub in Balkans, through the local tradition and history..
 If you have enough time, this tour includes all must see places when you come by cruise ship
There can be miracle if you believe!  The tour will include departure from Kotor (or any o
 Enjoy the landscape that made many visitors breathless and Boka bay romance all in one day,
   There is no limitation to try out the authentic homemade Montengrin wines. Wine is o
  This is a tour I have introduced  for the passengers that would like to enjoy all pos
 The tour includes the most remarkable and breathtaking plays of nature in Montenegro
      The itinerary of my tours is based on many years of my guiding experience,
Optional One Hour Visit to Porto Montenegro Born out of the vision of its chief investor,  
Transfer Service I also provide transfer service to Dubrovnik airport CilipiTirana airport Mostar
Visit by sea the only fjord on the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful bays in the world.&
     This tour includes the region that greek diplomat found the most beautiful w
       The second largest canyon in the world is cold Tear of the Europe
Regardless of whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the hundredth, the sense of
Visit Medjugorje and Mostar on this incredible private day trip from Kotor, blending culture with
Have you watched Legends of the fall; if so, you got a clue, this would be night tour through Lege
Enjoy the boat ride through the only fjord in Europe and one of 10 most beutiful bays in the world
Tour includes departure from Kotor ancient Venecian republic town, than we will visit one of the m
Tour includes departure from Kotor ancient town, eyes of Boka bay – two great islands in Per